We offer you a high-quality ethically sourced coffee and roasted by Stooker who is a Amsterdam-based specialty coffee roaster. Our specialty coffee beans are grown at a higher altitude, at the right time of the year, in rich soil and harvested with great care.

To qualify as a specialty coffee, the beans have to be graded by certified coffee tasters. We're happy and you can enjoy great coffee!

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Our coffee is harvested at different times in different countries. Because we buy freshly harvested coffee, we have different coffees in the range throughout the year. Our search for the perfect beans is rigorous; we sample tirelessly until we find those gems that stand out not just for their taste but for their value too. And we're proud to say, we've built strong relationships with some of the best coffee importers out there. They're our eyes and ears on the ground, working directly with farmers, not just buying their coffee but also investing in their communities and their futures.

Why does this matter? Because it helps the farmers grow better beans and get a fairer price for their crops. So when you savor a cup of our coffee, you're also supporting a greater good. It's a complex journey from farm to cup, but it ensures that every sip you take is contributing to a larger story of sustainability and quality

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Roasting coffee is a craft, an art form. When you select our specialty coffees, you can rest assured that your coffee has been handled and roasted with care to provide the freshest grounds possible.

Every green coffee is roasted in such a way that it develops perfectly and you experience all the flavour characteristics that the green bean has. All of our coffee beans are roasted with a custom recipe at a local Amsterdam roastery.

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