anne lopes 05
08 NOVEMBER 2023 - 29 FEBRUARY 2024


Anne Lopes is a young, emerging Dutch-Portuguese born artist, whose emotive and evocative works are figurative within the realm of contemporary realism. Her artistic journey has always been an exploration of the inner realm and the shared human experience.

Through her creations, Lopes endeavors to encapsulate this universal human experience, interpreting it through the language of color, texture, and motion. Her paintings serve to capture the essence of the diverse individuals she portrays, with the aim of evoking universally recognizable sentiments. In doing so, she aspires to forge connections not only between viewers and her art but also among people - an effort to bridge the isolating gaps of modern existence.

Lopes’ artistry resides in her leverage of color and contrast as a medium for expressing intricate emotional landscapes. The artist experiments with gradations of hue and tone aim to depict the psychological states and depth she observes in her subjects. Her works emerge as vibrant, intimate compositions, each revealing layers of the ineffable qualities that connect humanity.

At current, Lopes is in the process of refining her distinctive artistic technique—a craft that elevates her work to a realm beyond the conventional. She meticulously sculpts canvases from gypsum, resulting in three-dimensional oil paintings that beckon viewers into the works. This sculptural approach imbues her creations with a dynamic quality, allowing light to dramatize the tactile, undulating surfaces. As the sun shifts throughout the days and seasons, the works undergo a continuous metamorphosis, offering a captivating, ever-evolving visual experience.



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