judith dubois 02
08 NOVEMBER 2023 - 29 FEBRUARY 2024


As a young woman, Judith Dubois (1966) left for Tuscany in order to specialize in drawing life models and restoring age-old frescoes. Landscapes always fascinated her a great deal, and all those predilections came together beautifully in her celebrated sand paintings. Ever since, earth in all its manifestations has been a leitmotiv in her work. She's exhibited in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and lovingly works on assignments and her own ideas in her studio right in the heart of Amsterdam.

''It's fundamental that art is being seen, really seen within the deeper layers. The message of my art is respect and cooperation between humans and nature. I let the earth speak for itself by using only the pure, natural and lightfast materials such as sand, earth, stone, feather and shell. The binding glue, which has been used by artists for centuries, has also proven its lasting power. The material is not only the medium, but also the subject. I create a portrait from literally the background of the person portrayed. Earth looks back at you. My artworks connect the primal past with the present. The origins of painting are roughly and purely placed in the present. Familiar and innovative at the same time. The earthy tones are natural and invite you to reflect, just like a landscape you see for the first time.'' - Judith Dubois



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