Art Gallery-Café Concept in Amsterdam

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In the cozy corner of Amsterdam where the rich aroma of our specialty coffee mingles with the city’s creative buzz, you’ll find Clapham’s doors wide open, welcoming the local art scene right into the heart of our coffee venue. Picture this: You stroll in for your morning latte and get greeted not just by the comforting clink of coffee cups but also by an ever-changing canvas of local artistry adorning our walls.

The Perfect Blend of Art and Coffee

Coffee and art share a natural alliance, each stimulating the senses and the mind in their unique ways. At Clapham, we’ve crafted an environment where customers can sip on the finest Stooker coffee while surrounded by inspiring artworks. It’s a place where the bitter- sweet aroma of freshly ground beans mingles with the art on the walls.

Supporting Local Talent

Amsterdam is a city pulsing with artistic talent, and we’re on a mission to showcase it. We believe that local artists deserve a spotlight, and what better place than where the community naturally gathers? Art sparks dialogue and coffee fuels it. Our vision is to create a hub where the two converge, encouraging conversations that might not happen elsewhere. We see coffee as the catalyst for these exchanges – a cup of coffee in hand, contemplating a piece of art, can lead to shared perspectives and new connections.

Inviting Artists to Share Their Work

We’re calling on local artists to share their work with us. Whether you’re an established painter or an emerging talent, Clapham Specialty Coffee wants to offer you a platform. It’s an opportunity to not only get your art seen by a diverse audience but also to sell your work and gain recognition within the thriving Amsterdam art scene. So next time you’re in need of a coffee break, come to Clapham. Revel in the cozy ambiance, let the artwork stir your imagination, and allow the coffee to warm your soul. Together, let’s support and enjoy the work of our remarkable local creators.