“Meet Our Beans”

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Let’s chat over a cup from Clapham Specialty Coffee. You’re not just sipping on any coffee – it’s Stooker’s best, roasted right here in Amsterdam. Each bean tells a story of sustainability and top-notch quality, right in line with our promise to bring you nothing but the finest specialty coffee. Let’s raise our mugs to that!

Sourcing the Story in Every Bean

The journey of our coffee, sourced by Stooker, begins with the passionate farmers who cultivate these high-quality beans. These carefully chosen partnerships reflect a commitment to fair trade and sustainable practices, setting a new benchmark for the industry. Our collaboration with Stooker is rooted in a shared vision: to elevate the coffee experience beyond the conventional. Stooker’s adherence to the Speciality Coffee Association’s standards guarantees that every bean scores above 80 in quality, ensuring that with every cup, you indulge in a specialty that is superior in taste, ethically sourced, and environmentally conscious.

The Mastery Behind Your Cup

At Clapham Specialty Coffee, we celebrate the craft that Stooker brings to roasting. They’ve got this unique knack for combining good old tradition with a pinch of modern tech to make sure every single bean tells its own tasty tale. The magic happens over at Stooker’s place in Amsterdam, where they’re all about getting those roasting profiles just right. That’s the Stooker stamp – and boy, does it make a difference.

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Join Us on This Flavorful Journey

So, what do you say? Join us for a chat, a laugh, and a taste of what true specialty coffee feels like. It’s not just coffee; it’s our shared moment over a cup that’s been lovingly crafted just for you. Can’t wait to see you here!